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Just yesterday I posted a blog entry about CafePress and promoting your business via that service (you can see the article here). While looking for other folks doing similar things, I came across Zazzle. It has a much nicer way to present your products to your user via their widget, like this:

You have many of the same options as with CafePress, but a nicer front end for your consumers.Something to consider!

8 thoughts on “Zazzle vs. CafePress”

  1. is a new website in India which allows users to create and publish their own designs. You can visit their start shopping page to choose from 1000s of creative designs. You can also visit their create product page to create your own designs. Please visit this site and give us your feedback.

  2. Thanks Myntra… Your site looks interesting. For those readers in India, your option might be a great alternative to those options based elsewhere in the world.

  3. Zazzle by far beats Cafepress… Cafepress dictates now how much you make by fixing your percentage to 10%… I used to get 6.00 profit off my t-shirt sales… now I only get 1.50 – 2.20… what a bummer. Christmas I would always make over 1,000.00 this year was only 370.00 something because of this. Oh yeah… after my 10%, the shipping and handling, cost of the T-shirt ” and cost of the labour it cost them about $10.00 or less… and the total price is 22.00. So subtract the 8 from 22 and you get 12.00… they make 12.00 for profit while us the designer gets only 2.20… what a rip off huh!!! Zazzle is by far way better!!!

  4. Well, I started Zazzle about 6 months ago and I am really enjoying it. I have thought about using Cafepress also, especially since they offer products Zazzle does not (e.g. blankets or teddy bears), but I am hesitant to put much work into it… has the situation somehow changed during the last few years?

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