The 10-Day Cash Secret Doesn’t Work For Me…

Experiment FailedHi all…

I’m officially calling it quits with the 10-Day Cash Secret program. I’ve let it run now for nearly a month. It’s earned $0.00 for me. And it cost me $99.00. This means my net is -$99.00.

So I’ll be sending Neil a nice e-mail requesting a refund. I am in the 30 day window. I’ve given it a solid shot with three separate sites. And have received nada.

Has anybody (except Neil) made any money off this thing?


2 thoughts on “The 10-Day Cash Secret Doesn’t Work For Me…”

  1. Hi Fitz, I have been following your updates on 10 Day Cash Secret and sorry to read that it did not pan out. the sales letter did sound very promising and workable. I did not buy it but I do plan to use some free data-feed from my affilliate merchants. It seems that you are getting some traffic but no conversion. Anyway, keep updating and let me know whether you get your refund. Cheers!

  2. I contacted Neil that day and got my refund quickly. So I thank them for their quick response. Not every method works for everybody, so we just have to roll with it and keep moving on.

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