List of Free Internet Marketing Books from Caroline

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I don’t know if you know who Caroline Middlebrook is, but she’s been on this road of monetizing a blog for longer than many of us just starting out and seems to have her act together. Hers is one of those blogs I check out regularly!

Anyway… She posted a great article on Tuesday this week providing a list of 20 free e-Books covering internet marketing and monetizing blogs in preparation for putting out her own e-Book. This is a great list that includes some of the big names in the blogosphere, including Yaro Starak (another blog I check out regularly) and Jack Humphrey (yet another great blog).

You can check out her list here. I will certainly be working my way through the list.

Caroline also noted that she’s actually starting to see some income from her efforts now, which is great. I wish her the best of luck. Maybe some of it will rub off on the rest of us. 🙂

Happy reading this holiday weekend!


I’ve caught the Flux! BlogFlux!

Hey all…


I thought I’d try and add my blog to another blog network, this one called Blog Flux. According to their site, they have more than 95,931 blogs listed on their site and have been getting quite a number of hits on a daily basis. Yesterday, based on their statistics page, they had more than 2,318,010 unique visitors and 4,451,527 page views. I’d say they’re generating a good deal of traffic!

They also offer some cool services like e-mail obfuscation, a button maker, and so on.

So we’ll see if it helps out traffic to Fitzy Business and the Lair of the Green Knight. One can only hope!


Cool Utility to See What Search Spiders See on your Site…

Hi all…

If you haven’t been to the Bontrager CGI site for web site-related scripts, you’re missing out. I’m not much of a web programmer, but I’m learning. And this site has an amazing array of useful tools, including the Search Spider tool that I’ve hooked up via the Utilities page on this site.


The tool is very easy to use. Simply enter the URL for your web page or blog, click some options, and let it rip… It shows you links that the spiders see as well as keywords and a ton of other useful information. So if the tool doesn’t show much for your site, it’s quite possible that the search spiders prowling the internet for search engines aren’t seeing much either.

So give it a test drive. See what you think!


Help picking profitable markets for beginners…

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I just today decided to spend $7 on an online resource for choosing a profitable market… This program was produced by Terry Dean and Glenn Livingston and I’m going to give it a shot. These guys are so confident that we will make money using their system that they’re going to give 100% commission to anyone else who sells their program.

So if you’re interested in this kind of thing, click here and see what it’s all about. When you buy the program, you also get four free reports on various aspects of internet marketing.

I’ll let you know how the process goes for me over the next few weeks.


Bloglines top 1000 blogs!

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ProBlogger noted this morning that the Bloglines beta released a new Top 1000 Blogs list… Here’s the ProBlogger article.

Bloglines image

It’s interesting to see the sheer volume and variety of blogs and blog topics. Art and science, technology, entertainment news… There’s a huge variance.

The upshot is that Bloglines provides yet another way to see the impact and traffic for your blog. If you add your own blogs in, other folks can see your articles and feeds and subscribe. This just offers another way for your viewers/readers to hook into your feeds and get your blog/website content.

What do you think about Bloglines? The beta has some warts. I’ve noticed some visual issues with folders in your “library” on Firefox, but other than that it’s pretty easy to use and yet another good RSS aggregator.

Let me know what you think!


Amazing tip on increasing traffic using link building!

Hi all!

Have to thank Jack Humphrey for pointing this one out… Follow the directions and watch the results… It’s an interesting experiment!

— copy and paste the Reciprocal Review Carousel and instructions below this line —Reciprocal Review Carousel idea is based on a few simple yet effective link-building and blogging techniques I have learned:

  • Build value of the blog by creating a helpful link from within content.
  • Provide value to community by doing a review on a blog you personally like.
  • Link to YOUR blog has exact anchor text you want and helps you boost Google Rankings.
  • No more than 30 outbound links from any page to prevent penalties for link farming.
  • Viral effect of the link – as more bloggers participate, link to your blog with YOUR anchor text, coming from quality content post will spread.

Here is How to participate:

  • Copy the entire text between the specified lines.
  • Create a post on your site and put at least one paragraph explaining how you joined the Reciprocal Review Carousel.
  • Paste the text you copied into your post.
  • Remove the Bottom Review and At the Top add your own review with a link to a site reviewed, at least 2 sentences about the site and a note – Reviewed by: Your Anchor Text. Link your anchor text to your site. Here is an example:

WordPress Web 2.0 Guide is a blog providing very useful information on building your very own Web 2.0 portal based on WordPress. Detailed instructions and howto guides make it possible for anyone to create a sparkling and engaging blog and join the community of like-minded individuals. Reviewed by: WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-er

Sites Reviewed:

  • Peter Lenkefi writes about Web 2.0 marketing strategies at He has some killer videos over there you should check out along with a ton of good information on blog marketing and various “new media” promotion tactics. Reviewed by: Link Building Maniac, Jack Humphrey, for the Friday Traffic Report
  • is an original creator of Viralink concept and a blog publishing information on Magic, Personal development and blog development. I have found a wealth of information on getting your blog noticed and generating the traffic for free. Reviewed by: WordPress Web 2.0 Guide
  • FitForFreedom is well-established blog where you can find multitude of information on achieving financial freedom. Blog is run by Marco Righter and his writing style greatly adds to the value of information he provides. Reviewed by: Alex
  • Secure Your PC For Internet blog run by Colin and provides essential information everyone accessing internet should know. Identity theft is becoming more and more of an issue and by visiting his blog you can minimize the risk of being compromised. Reviewed by: Alex
  • VI-SU blog is all about WordPress, AdSense, SEO and Internet Marketing. Although mostly written in German I have found that using Google translate is worth the effort for his posts. Reviewed by: Alex
  • Home With Heather is a great informative blog targeting WAHM (Work At Home Moms) and run by … you guessed it – Heather Masson. Information on what works for her in Internet Business written is very easy to read and comes from her personal experience. Reviewed by: Alex
  • A Copywriter’s Blues blog published by Alex Badalic, a veteran of advertising turned musician gives you great food for soul. I have found some nice old videos of Johnny Cash performance and he has a lot more of vintage videos to satisfy fans. Reviewed by: Alex
  • Did You Smell That blog authored by one of the veterans on network marketing filled with business ideas you can use. David Ledoux is well known and respected in online community and now he makes his experience available via blog posts. Reviewed by: Alex
  • Best Damn Blog run by Richard Wing is all about Internet Marketing. Your visit will be rewarded by honest reviews, freebies and information you need to succeed in this cut-throat business without sacrificing your integrity. Reviewed by: Alex

— copy and paste the Reciprocal Review Carousel and instructions above this line —

So now we’ll see how this helps traffic. But at the very least, I’m helping out some of my fellow bloggers get additional traffic for their own sites!

Let me know how this tip works for you!


ComCast Woes

Hey all…

I mentioned just yesterday that so far I had been pretty lucky with internet access and working from home… Well, the streak ended yesterday. I started having intermittent connectivity issues last weekend and the lovely ComCast folks were at my next-door neighbor’s house (also a telecommuter) trying to get their problems worked out.

Yesterday I saw a series of ComCast vans working up the street where I assume the junction box is for all ComCast customers in the area. And shortly after I spotted them there, my line went dead. I had no connectivity at all from yesterday afternoon at 4pm to some time this morning.

Ultimately this is a small blip on the radar, but any outage makes it very difficult to get things done when you are trying to get source code checked into a server somewhere in Denver for a build on Monday. That didn’t happen.

But anyway… Again, small blip. I’m back up and running today and things seem to be pretty stable. So I’ll count this as a win for ComCast for getting us all back up and running so quickly.

We’ll hope we stay connected. 🙂

Have a great day!


Words of Wisdom from a Telecommuter…

Hi all…

For the last several years, I’ve been a telecommuter, working from home for the company I work for. I’ve worked as many as 1000 miles away from my home office and never really had any major issues with internet connectivity or attending meetings or anything, so I’ve been pretty lucky. (Note that I’m writing this article right now in Notepad because my cable modem connection has gone down this morning.)

But it has been interesting in a number of ways. So I thought I’d share a few of my observations and recommendations as a telecommuter…

  1. Anyone who works for a multi-national corporation these days or for clients around the world has to deal with time zones. No matter where I am, daylight savings time always throws a wrench into things. And this year, with daylight savings being bumped a week on both sides, I have had issues with a number of auto-set clocks and software packages that has caused scheduling issues for a couple of weeks this year. It’s tough keeping the local time straight some days and figuring out what it is in other parts of the country or in China, Germany, or London, gets entertaining. I’ve found that it’s useful to just try and keep a list of how many hours different it is. For example, I live in the Mountain Time zone, so I just try to track east coast (+2 hours) and west coast (-1 hours) and let other time zones take care of themselves.
  2. Internet connectivity is a must. I have had whole days knocked out (thankfully only a few over the last few years) with no connectivity. And for someone who lives online via the web, e-mail and instant messengers, I have to say it’s maddening to lose that time. So try and find a reliable internet provider if you can.
  3. It gets lonely. I spend lots of time alone in my basement where my home office is located and play music, talk to friends via IM, send lots of e-mails, and chat with my dogs and cats when my wife and kids are gone. And when they’re here, I fight the noise and confusion to keep on track. But ultimately it’s you working by yourself in a bubble. So make sure you take care of yourself and get out into the world from time to time. The sun and sky are nice things to enjoy outside, not just through a window. Go out to lunch with friends or coworkers. And if you get a chance — go to the office sometimes!

However, with all that said… I get tons more work done from home than I ever did in the office. The office becomes one big water cooler and has distractions galore. (Not that I don’t have distractions at home, but they’re more manageable and under my control for the most part.) If you have the self-discipline, I recommend it, even if it’s only a day or two a week. You might be surprised at what you can get done!

If you’re a telecommuter or work out of your house, how do you deal with the distractions of being at home? Let me know and if you have good tips, I might have to use them and share them with the studio audience. 🙂

Until next time… Keep on chugging!



Hey all…

If you haven’t “stumbled” upon and need another way to fill your days with interesting websites, this is the place to go… Check out or StumbleUpon My StumbleUpon Page

When you install their Firefox toolbar, you immediately can bounce, or “stumble,” into a series of websites in categories you choose for your profile. There’s more categories than you can shake a stick at and you always end up somewhere interesting. I did see a few duplicates, but that’s to be expected when everyone on the web is finding cool resources. There’s bound to be a few dupes.

I think I got sucked into the internet for a good couple of hours today and found a variety of topics — some funny, some thought provoking, some cool — and there were also some where I was left scratching my head or just moving on to the next one without much of a look.

So check it out and let me know what you think!