Great Halloween Blog Post

Hey all!

The Great Pumpkin left us a present in the form of a blog post:


I thought I’d spin it off into a post of my own… Science Fiction-themed blogs…

1. Blog Trek… Boldly goes where no Blog has gone before…

2. The Blogtrix… We’re all just part of the great Blog machine… Really!!

3. The Blog Element… The perfect blogger returns to Earth to save us from anhilation!

4. The Blogger Strikes Back… A rebellious blogger is put in his place and has his homepage rampaged by an evil blog corporation…

5. The Day the Blog Stood Still… A blogger from another world comes down and speaks in Unicode, but nobody understands him until it’s too late…

6. War of the Blogs… A race of invading bloggers attacks Earth only to find that they are allergic to… gossip columns!

7. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Blog… A small, hand-held device helps intergalactic blog readers pop from one blogging universe to the next in search of a towel and a good mug of beer.

I could go on… But what do you guys think? Any cool ideas for Sci-Fi-themed blogs?

Until next time… I blog in peace!


Hey all…

If you haven’t “stumbled” upon and need another way to fill your days with interesting websites, this is the place to go… Check out or StumbleUpon My StumbleUpon Page

When you install their Firefox toolbar, you immediately can bounce, or “stumble,” into a series of websites in categories you choose for your profile. There’s more categories than you can shake a stick at and you always end up somewhere interesting. I did see a few duplicates, but that’s to be expected when everyone on the web is finding cool resources. There’s bound to be a few dupes.

I think I got sucked into the internet for a good couple of hours today and found a variety of topics — some funny, some thought provoking, some cool — and there were also some where I was left scratching my head or just moving on to the next one without much of a look.

So check it out and let me know what you think!