Coming back up to speed…

Hi all…

I survived my surgery and am now just recovering… Thank goodness for pain pills and naps. Hopefully within another few days I’ll have my wits about me enough to write some things that make sense.

As it is, unless it’s a required surgery, I don’t recommend a tonsillectomy for a good time. Minor as surgery goes, I think between the nagging pain and getting the anesthesia out of my system, I’ll be happy get over the lasting effects.

Has anyone else had their tonsils removed as an adult? My eldest child had hers removed at age 3, which I think is a great age to have it done. They heal quickly and get over it. As adults, we tend to heal much slower than we’d like to think.

Anyway… Anyone have any cool thoughts on what to write about? What’s making ripples in the blogosphere this December?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry about the Lack of Posts…

Hey all…

Sorry for the lack of posts… Been crazy with the holidays and work, plus I’m going in for a tonsillectomy at age 38… THAT ought to be fun. Not. 🙂

So it may be a few days until I get back to this blog. Again, apologize for the lack of posts!

In the meantime, take a look through my archive and see if you have any fresh input on any of my older posts — I’d love to hear from you!



Comments… Argh!

Hi all…

Thanks to a nice person at, it became clear today why I may not be getting ANY comments. I had WordPress set to require folks to register and log in to leave comments. Doh!


That little switch has been flipped. To verify that it is indeed working as it should, would somebody mind leaving me a comment?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the trouble.


Watching traffic come and go…

Hi all…

It’s funny… I post an article about something I think is helpful. Like taking my experience at the Blue Man Group concert and attempting to show how to apply it to business or product development. I’ve posted about adapting roleplaying game techniques to business to help out your product development cycle.

And what gets the best results? An article I wrote about rssHugger. Or an article I wrote about an article on Caroline Middlebrook’s site.

Go figure.

This blog thing is interesting. I think I’ll keep going, but at the rate I’m going I’m not sure who’s coming with me. 🙂

If anyone is reading this message, can you please leave me a comment? I’d appreciate knowing I’m not alone in the ether. There’s a lot of traffic out there and I think I’m being run over. <sigh>

I’d also appreciate any comments on how to generate more readers or traffic. How do other successful blogs do it? I’d like to know. Nothing I’ve tried so far has helped beyond StumbleUpon and Blogsvertise lately.

Anyway… Hope everyone is having a good week!


iReply – Join the Movement

Have you seen this logo in a few places? It represents the efforts of the iReply movement to show a commitment to listening to reader comments in your blogging community and in other communities. We all (bloggers and writers) should spend more time listening to our communities. This is a great way to gain some additional links and hopefully get some feedback from your readers and those from other blogs.

What do you think about this movement? I’m curious and would love to hear from you!