Is EntreCard Really Worth It??

Hi all…

For the last few weeks, I’ve been attempting to do the EntreCard dance every day… Dropping at least 100 cards, sometimes more than 200 if time allowed, and my traffic has grown considerably. I’m getting about as much traffic as cards I drop in a day. It’s averaging about 100 pageviews a day at any rate.


That said, the process of dropping every day is very time consuming. Yes, I’ve come across some great blogs and sites in that time of dropping all these EntreCard cards, but still… Is it quality traffic or just people flying by to drop cards on my site to get their own stats up?

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EntreCard and Driving Traffic

Hi all…


I’ve been trying out EntreCard for the last few days on my other site — Lair of the Green Knight — and I have to admit that my traffic has increased. And I’ve had a few additional comments from some of those who have stopped by. The comments were via the EntreCard site, but it’s still something…

Izea Ranks - chart for Lair of the Green Knight over last 7 days

You can see the rise in my RealRank over the last 7 days because my visitors and page views have risen as a result of spending some time with EntreCard. We’ll see if the trend continues, but if nothing else it’s expanding my community of bloggers. I’ve talked to a number of folks via e-mail for blogs that I probably wouldn’t have found except through EntreCard.

So we’ll take the good with the bad for now. It certainly can’t hurt.

How have other folks done with the EntreCard system? Has it helped or hurt? Let me know!


iReply – Join the Movement

Have you seen this logo in a few places? It represents the efforts of the iReply movement to show a commitment to listening to reader comments in your blogging community and in other communities. We all (bloggers and writers) should spend more time listening to our communities. This is a great way to gain some additional links and hopefully get some feedback from your readers and those from other blogs.

What do you think about this movement? I’m curious and would love to hear from you!


Bloglines top 1000 blogs!

Hi all…

ProBlogger noted this morning that the Bloglines beta released a new Top 1000 Blogs list… Here’s the ProBlogger article.

Bloglines image

It’s interesting to see the sheer volume and variety of blogs and blog topics. Art and science, technology, entertainment news… There’s a huge variance.

The upshot is that Bloglines provides yet another way to see the impact and traffic for your blog. If you add your own blogs in, other folks can see your articles and feeds and subscribe. This just offers another way for your viewers/readers to hook into your feeds and get your blog/website content.

What do you think about Bloglines? The beta has some warts. I’ve noticed some visual issues with folders in your “library” on Firefox, but other than that it’s pretty easy to use and yet another good RSS aggregator.

Let me know what you think!


NBC and

Hi all…

I thought all the hoopla about Hulu was interesting over the last few days.

A few months ago, NBC decided to pull out of iTunes and not renew. They were making piddly numbers and thought they could do the whole digital video distribution thing better and make more money at the same time.

Well, is the result of their labors. It’s in private beta now, but the upshot is that NBC controls the content and distribution of their own properties, which is probably in their best interests. Evidently it will be shared with NBC partners and other channels and small networks such as Sundance, Style, Golf, TV Guide, and National Geographic. The other major stations (CBS, ABC, Disney, and Viacom) haven’t yet signed on.

I find it interesting though in the land of free TV with YouTube, Blinkx, Joost,, and others, that NBC is going this route. However, since advertising is king, I anticipate that commercials will find their way into the equation somewhere.

Amazon’s Unbox service seems very similar to what I’ve seen and read of Hulu also, so I’m not quite sure what the differentiators are in the market. Hopefully that will become more clear when Hulu leaves private beta and becomes open to the world.

What does this mean to bloggers and advertisers? That’s tough to say. I believe that in the world of digital distribution, links are king. So I would hope that NBC (and others) would be smart enough to offer some sort of deal for associates pimping their products, but that’s just me. I’m a TV junkie and will watch in a variety of formats I’m sure.

What do you think? Will this impact an already crowded online TV market? Or do you think NBC may get it right and lead us to a nirvana of digital TV distribution?

Chime in!