Take a Smort from Smorty!

Hey all…

I’m still experimenting with various review tools to raise the awareness of this blog and make some money. I’ve seen Smorty ads just about everywhere on the internet and decided to give them a try.


So if you’ve seen the Smorty ads, you know a few things already… It’s a get-paid-for-reviews kind of system that helps drive ads and revenue back to your site.

Smorty connects advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers, just like in some of the other review-related sites, pay bloggers to write opinions about their sites or products and provide links back to the advertiser’s site. Basically we bloggers do what we do best, which is write blog posts, and we get paid for blogging. What more could you ask for?

Once you sign up and get your blog(s) approved, you get a list of opportunities to write about. After you accept and write a post, you get paid for it via a PayPal account. The more blogs and opinions you write about advertisers on them, the more money you can make. Easy enough, right?

So we’ll see how this works. Check out Smorty for details if you haven’t already! Blog for money at Smorty!


Declined… because of content or lack thereof…

Hi all…

Interesting events are afoot… It appears that a couple of things have occurred as I go through and apply for all of these programs:

1) Some of them don’t approve of my non-ad vs. ad post ratio

2) My traffic isn’t great yet, which I already knew, since I just started the blog a few days ago

So I’m guessing that with work, the traffic will come as well as the post ratio.

Have a great weekend and Go Rockies!