Pretty Girls Experiment Results…

Hi all…

Experiment FailedSo I did the pretty girls experiment… I had some in my last post here and here.

What did it prove? Not much actually…

EntreCard, even though I didn’t drop any cards yesterday, still provided the majority of my pageviews, and the Jessica Alba photos didn’t get any hits. Marion Cotillard however is continuing to generate a lot of search engine traffic for me, which is hilarious.

Where does that leave me?

Well… According to Google Analytics…

Google Analytics 03-01-08

I had 63 visits, 40 of which were generated by EntreCard.

And none of that was generated by searches for “Jessica Alba”.

According to StatCounter (which seems to track keywords better than Google Analytics for some weird reason), these were my top keyword searches that brought folks to my site… Marion Cotillard is still apparently very hot as far as keywords go.

StatCounter Keywords 03-01-08

So what does all this mean? Well, I don’t believe the hype in “pretty girls” pictures on your blog for one thing. Sure, Marion Cotillard is providing me a bunch of hits, but hey… Jessica Alba ain’t dog food and she got nothin’. 🙂

What can you take away from this? Just that this is an isolated case where the experiment didn’t pan out. I think this week I’ll play with ad placement for Google Adwords to see how that plays out.

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