Is EntreCard Really Worth It??

Hi all…

For the last few weeks, I’ve been attempting to do the EntreCard dance every day… Dropping at least 100 cards, sometimes more than 200 if time allowed, and my traffic has grown considerably. I’m getting about as much traffic as cards I drop in a day. It’s averaging about 100 pageviews a day at any rate.


That said, the process of dropping every day is very time consuming. Yes, I’ve come across some great blogs and sites in that time of dropping all these EntreCard cards, but still… Is it quality traffic or just people flying by to drop cards on my site to get their own stats up?

Traffic Sources February 2008

According to Google Analytics, over the last 30 days my traffic has looked like above… 72% of my traffic is coming from EntreCard.

And of that… people are staying for an average of a minute on the site…

Site Usage February 2008

Now is this quality traffic where folks are reading the content and staying a while or just bouncing through to get their credits… Unfortunately I think the latter.

Yes, there are a lot of things wrong with my site. I’m looking at rehosting my site (it’s on 1&1, but they host the blog, not me) and doing a redesign. I can’t afford a designer, but am looking at many of the freely available WordPress themes and taking my time.

Does anyone else have this issue with EntreCard? I’m going to continue to use it for now, but I have to wonder if ultimately it’s a waste of time.


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