Experiment Follow up #3 – Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret

ExperimentHi all…

A quick update on this St. Pat’s day for my experiment regarding Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret…

(Note that I’m currently out of town on a business trip, so this isn’t going to be as detailed as my last couple of posts… sorry. I hope to detail things quite a bit once I get back home next week.)

It’s been 10 days since I created my first site using Neil Shearing’s feed tool. Since then it has been indexed and I am getting hits, but have had no sales.

It’s only been 9 days since my second blog was created and 8 days since the third was created, and both of those have also been indexed and are getting hits, but have had no clicks converted to sales.

I have three very different niches — stuffed animals, wines, and college basketball/football merchandise for various teams in the NCAA. The one that has garnered the most interest is the last one, with March Madness making people start foaming at the mouth in certain parts of the U.S. (I too have this disease, which is what made me think of it as a good niche.)

So though I’m hopeful that people will start purchasing via my three blog tests, it’s not looking great. Shearing offers a 30 day guarantee, so I’m going to watch my time carefully and see if anything comes of this experiment. Hopeful but wary I guess would be the best way to describe my current view of these blogs.

That said, since I’m away from home for a while I’m going to let things go until next Monday and then see where they’re at.

Has anyone else had any luck using Neil’s system? I’ve got my fingers crossed.



2 thoughts on “Experiment Follow up #3 – Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret”

  1. Fitzy,

    I hope you keep the posts coming on your Neil Shearing 10 Day Cash Secrets experiments, because I was considering purchasing and giving it a try, even though I have no idea what a datafeed is and does everyone have them?

    Keep the great posts coming.

  2. I’ll keep updating for another week at least. I think it’s an interesting product with potential, just that “10 days” might have been a bit aggressive as a claim. I’m hopeful that if I let it continue for a while longer (maybe 20 days) that I’ll see some income…

    Datafeeds are just delimited text files containing lists of the products a particular vendor has. For example, a company that provides beer-related products might list all the varieties of beer baskets or beer-related products they had available to affiliates.

    Shareasale.com is a good place to sign up for affiliate feeds. They have an option in their main page where you can look for affiliate programs that provide feeds. I’ve found several that way.

    Other affiliate programs have them, but it sounded from Neil’s program like it was hit and miss as to the depth and breadth of what they provide and some affiliate programs charge big $$ for them.

    Shareasale is easy and free to join, so it’s a good way to get started IMHO.

    Hope that helps!

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