Experiment Follow Up #1 – Neil Shearing 10 Day Cash Secret

ExperimentHi all!

Thought I’d update you on my progress with the 10 Day Cash Secret experiment…

I have created three separate sub-domains with three separate feed-related blogs. The one I created on Friday (3/7), another I created early (2am) Sunday (3/9) morning, and a final one I created yesterday (3/10). These are all three in separate niches using feeds from Shareasale using three to five separate product feeds.

So far following Neil’s directions, the first one I created on Friday has been indexed. The other two have not yet. I have submitted all three to Google, Yahoo, and Live Search separately as well as StumbleUpon, which has brought in a few visitors already. No real traffic to speak of beyond that generated by StumbleUpon however.

I am hopeful for an affiliate sale in the first 10 days of each of the three sites. For those in the studio audience keeping score, it looks like this so far:

  • Site 1 – indexed by Google, no sales yet after three full days
  • Site 2 – not indexed, no sales yet after 2 full days
  • Site 3 – not indexed, no sales yet after 1 full day

There you have it. I will update everyone again on Friday (3/14, giving 3 more days) and then sometime on Monday (3/17), which would be 10 days since Site 1 went live.

Note that any posts next week, including the one Monday may be delayed as I am out of town on business for my job. But I’ll do my best to see that results get posted.

Thanks for reading!


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