ComCast Woes

Hey all…

I mentioned just yesterday that so far I had been pretty lucky with internet access and working from home… Well, the streak ended yesterday. I started having intermittent connectivity issues last weekend and the lovely ComCast folks were at my next-door neighbor’s house (also a telecommuter) trying to get their problems worked out.

Yesterday I saw a series of ComCast vans working up the street where I assume the junction box is for all ComCast customers in the area. And shortly after I spotted them there, my line went dead. I had no connectivity at all from yesterday afternoon at 4pm to some time this morning.

Ultimately this is a small blip on the radar, but any outage makes it very difficult to get things done when you are trying to get source code checked into a server somewhere in Denver for a build on Monday. That didn’t happen.

But anyway… Again, small blip. I’m back up and running today and things seem to be pretty stable. So I’ll count this as a win for ComCast for getting us all back up and running so quickly.

We’ll hope we stay connected. 🙂

Have a great day!


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