PayPerPost and Site Traffic/Age

Hey all…

A quick update on my PayPerPost application. It was declined for this blog because it hasn’t been around long enough. Apparently it has to have existed for 90 days or longer in order to be considered for their program. Fair enough. I don’t remember seeing that listed on their site as a requirement, but I’ll take their word for it.

So I will resubmit this blog to them for consideration sometime in January. We’ll see if my traffic and visitor numbers goes up between now and then.

Stay tuned for part 2 on my article about Roleplaying and the Product Development cycle tomorrow and part 3 will be posted on Monday! I am taking the weekend off for my anniversary and going away with my wife, so there will be a bit of a brief lag there.

Until tomorrow, have a great day!


Joined a few programs online…

Hi there…

I’ve joined a few programs online for making money via blogs…

  • PayPerPost
  • ADS-click
  • The Newsroom
  • Widgetbucks
  • The LinkShare Network

We’ll see if any of them pan out. I hope to provide details of my experiences with each as we go through this process.

So far I’m waiting for PayPerPost approval, as well as ADS-click and LinkShare approval.

We’ll keep you posted!