Experiment Follow Up #4 – Neil Shearing 10 Day Cash Secret

Experiment FailedHey all…

I think I have to call this a failure officially now…

Here are some stats for you…

Blog #1… Started March 8th (16 days ago). Total hits – roughly 245 as of today according to StatCounter. Average of 8 visits a day with 17 page views. 38 clickthroughs to my affiliate from the blog.

Blog #2… Started March 9 (15 days ago). Total hits – roughly 31 as of today according to StatCounter. Average of 2 visits a day with 4 page views. 9 clickthroughs to my affiliate from the blog.

Blog #3… Started March 10 (14 days ago). Total hits – roughly 257 as of today according to StatCounter. Average of 8 visits a day with 17 page loads. 10 clickthroughs to the affiliate.

Money earned – $0. Money spent on the 10 Day Cash Secret program – $99.

Doesn’t seem like money well spent to me. What about you?

I think I’m going to let this run up to the first week of April and then request a refund (would be within the 30 days) from Neil if it continues to go this route.

Hope somebody else is having better luck.


I found my new Gooroo at Effing the Dog!

Hi all!

At the beginning of the year, Mike Vardy created a new blog called “Effing the Dog,”Effing the Dog Logo which, in his own words:

…I’m all about taking personal productivity and getting things done to a whole different and exciting level. I’ve discovered through years of painful process and heartache – which has not left me scarred in any way whatsoever – that you can accomplish everything you need to and be happy without doing much at all.

It’s what I like to call Effing The Dog™.

He describes himself as a “gooroo.” “Gifted Outstanding Orator who is Results-Oriented in an extraOrdinarily new way.” Gooroo. I love this acronym.

What have I learned from my new gooroo?

Mike Vardy is my new hero in the world. I shall strive to Eff the Dog in little ways every day until I fully grok his learning. 🙂

Please join me in worshiping at the feet of this eventual productivity expert as he guides us to new levels of getting things done without doing much at all!


New experience – Bay Area Kicks Requesting a Link to My Site

Hi all…

This week I had an out of the blue e-mail from Murris, who runs the Bay Area Kicks blog (http://www.bayareakicks.com) wondering if he could add a link to Fitzy Business from his blog and if I would mind linking back to his. After taking a look at his blog, which seems simple, well-designed, and on target for his market, I agreed. Though he hasn’t placed a link to my site on his blog links page yet, I thought I’d write up a quick review of his site and add a link anyway to be sociable.

Murris’ blog has a simple two-column design on the main page. He uses the main column for his blog articles about various sneakers. At the top of the site you can access his “About” page, and his “Links” page. His About page describes how he came to write the blog after running a successful online shoe store for several years. His links page, where he wants to put a link to Fitzy Business, has quite a list of links to other sites, from clothing and sports resources to simply “nice blogs” on a variety of topics.

Bay Area Kicks

If his numbers are right on his about page, he gets about 10,000 hits a day and is aiming for 30,000+ hits a day. I’d say he’s probably on track. According to Alexa, today he has a rank of 302,921, which is pretty good! (In comparison, this site, even with the lack of new posts over the holidays, has a traffic rank of 502,819.)

The articles on the blog are on topic, providing pictures and descriptions of individual sneakers, as well as his opinions on the shoe and where they can be purchased. Evidently Michael Jordan is releasing a new Air Jordan shoe (the Air Jordan XX3) later in the month, which I wasn’t aware of, and that post includes links to the shoe’s site as well as video of Jordan talking about the shoe.

So keep up the good work Murris and I wish you luck with your traffic goals!