Are you in on Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret yet?

Hey all…

Neil & Linda Shearing's 10 Day Cash Secret

I’ve been writing about Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret for the last few posts… If you’re looking to pick it up and get going with it, you can click here

Neil Shearing is working out the kinks (it’s a piece of software — there are ALWAYS kinks — take it from me as a software engineer), but it works pretty well right out of the box which is saying something.

Yes, I’m still waiting for my riches to roll in. But I’m happy with the results so far. Except for the income stream (and I’m not quite to the 10 day mark yet), I have been quite pleased with it!

So be sure to check it out and read the FAQ which was added just a few days after the 10 Day Cash Secret program went live. Neil’s been extremely active on the FAQ, adding new tidbits of information nearly daily. And when I had problems, he was right there in the support forum helping me out.

Definitely worth checking out this program on your own. And I’d love to hear about your own experiments with it.

Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Are you in on Neil Shearing’s 10 Day Cash Secret yet?”

  1. Hi you won’t make money with the 10 Day Cash Secret read this review

    I used this software, followed all the recommendations for posting and got banned from my hosting company,didn’t have backups and they wouldn’t give me them,only had it running for 2 days,I wish I would have bought this even as a free demo,looks a lot better.

    plus in this post he says 10 Day Cash Secret has a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. I WOULD GET THAT

  2. Thanks for the information. I’ll keep that in mind and keep my options open for the 30 day money-back guarantee.

    It’s good to get multiple opinions and I appreciate you sharing yours.

    That said, I’m hoping to have a different result than you had. But as with all things in life, there’s an upside and a downside. We’ll see where I turn up.

  3. Fitzy,

    I am also curious which program you purchased. Did you go with the $154 or did you buy the “personal” email help upgrade?
    Thanks again for the updated posts on this.

  4. I purchased the $99 special when Neil was running it not long after his product was released, which was the price he was running it at before it went up to $154.

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