Are you ever at a loss for words? Try these sites!

Hi there!

Are you ever at a loss for words? Sometimes the words flow like honey… and other times, they flow like cement it seems. Well, here’s a few cool tools to help you find the words to say what you’re trying to say:

  • A very easy to use and comprehensive online dictionary
  • Wikipedia: Yes, I still use this sometimes maligned site, but it provides great depth in some areas that can take you in unexpected directions with an idea
  • A more traditional thesaurus done by the same folks as the site
  • And Thinkmap’s A very cool visual tool that will help you SEE some options for the words you’re looking for

If you haven’t played with the last one… Here’s an example. You enter your word — in this case, I entered “excessive” and it provided a variety of options… You can click on any of them and get a whole new range of options, and so on. It’s a great way to brainstorm for headings or titles or even if you find yourself using the same adjectives or adverbs over and over again to get out of a rut!

Visual Thesaurus

So check them out… I use them on a regular basis! What tools do you use? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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