AddThis… Great way to get Social Bookmarking to your site or blog!

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There’s this cool free service that I found courtesy of Nick Stamoulis’ blog – Blog Marketing Journal. provides a way to simplify the bookmarking/sharing methods for your readers/viewers. I’ve looked at a number of different options and the AddThis widget is the simplest/easiest to use one of all of them to this point.

They provide several options for how to get it into your site or blog, including a WordPress plugin, which I’ve added to this blog.

You can add their widget to your blog or RSS feed, select which style of widget you’d like, and then select one of several options:

on a Website

  • on a Blog
  • on a MySpace page
  • on an Ezine or Newsletter

Cool enough you can also add it via:

  • A Feedburner Feedflare
  • WordPress Plugin (2 versions)
  • And Widgetbox

But wait, there’s more! You also get free stats showing what visitors are bookmarking, which can be useful for monitoring traffic and so on.

So give them a look — at

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4 thoughts on “AddThis… Great way to get Social Bookmarking to your site or blog!”

  1. Hey, Fitz! One thing I have to do to get my blog to where I want it to be is to learn all about this technical stugg. WP Plugins? OMG, goes over my head on the first reading. Anyway, I’ve set myself to get more technical beginning next week so I’ll be by and check out your archives.

  2. Plug-ins aren’t tough really if you’ve got the tools to set stuff up. I’ve heard of a plug-in that allows One-Click install of Plug-ins and will see if I can find it for you, though you’d still have to install that one before being able to use it . There are a lot of great WordPress resources out there for you to look at also for help.

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